martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

Hoy hablamos del conflicto de Gibraltar

Una vez más, estamos a la gresca con Gibraltar.

Como una imagen vale más que mil palabras, creo que queda clara mi posición.


Once again, we are in troubles with Gibraltar.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I think my position is clear.


3 comentarios:

  1. Your position is not clear at all.

    "Once again, we are with troubles with Gibraltar."
    This phrase does not make sense.
    You are either in trouble with Gibraltar or vice versa.
    Or perhaps making trouble for Gibraltar or once again vice versa.

    This is free advice next time I'll charge you for it.

    1. You've done it again my friend.
      Stick to Spanish it's better for you.
      And by the way you are not funny.
      Cheers be calm and have a cup of tea.